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Woman charged with manslaughter following Texas crash

Oct 19, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles are often much more difficult to see in comparison to more traditional motor vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcyclists can also suffer from more severe injuries during a collision due to the lack of protection. One woman in Texas has recently been charged with manslaughter following a collision that resulted in a death.

The incident happened on day in mid-October. Police have accused a 25-year-old woman of failing to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist near a Texas intersection. As a result, the two vehicles reportedly collided.

The 31-year-old motorcyclist died at the scene of the accident. It is unclear if he was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. Police say that during a body search of the driver, they discovered a bag of what allegedly tested positive for cocaine in her pocket. She was arrested after officers say they conducted field sobriety tests. She has since been charged with possession of a controlled substance and intoxication manslaughter.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that could impact field tests involving suspected drugs as well as a person’s performance on a field sobriety test. For example, a person who has recently been involved in a fatal accident may be in shock. The woman may be unsure how to respond to the intoxication manslaughter and other charges against her. Fortunately, there are attorneys with years of experience fighting such serious charges who can help guide her or others in similar circumstances through the process. Regardless of whether she decides to accept a plea deal, if one is available, or fight the charges in court, such a professional can ensure that she is fully informed about all of her options and her legal rights protected.

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