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Air Bag Defects Can Jeopardize Your Safety

An air bag is supposed to save your life in a collision, but defective air bags can do more harm than good.

Vehicle air bag defects and defective restraint systems can be especially dangerous for children and smaller adults. Small people are more likely to be injured due to the excessive force of defective air bags.

If you think an air bag defect contributed to your injuries in a car accident, you want a lawyer who understands motor vehicle product liability. At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], we have experience handling vehicle safety defect product liability claims for clients nationwide, including defective air bags and defective restraint systems.

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Holding Auto Manufacturers Accountable

Our lawyers are not afraid to take on auto manufacturers responsible for the following air bag defects:

  • Crash sensors: Faulty signals can cause air bags to inflate when unnecessary, or defective sensors can trigger an air bag after it is too late.
  • Horizontal inflation path: Safe air bag designs inflate upwards before extending outwards. Dangerous designs extend horizontally.
  • Overly powerful inflators: Multiforce inflators have been available for many years, but single-force inflators are still used in many vehicles.
  • Lack of internal tethers: Tether straps help the bag inflate in a flat pillow shape and not a round basketball shape, which is closer to the driver or passenger and more harmful.
  • Failure to test crash with range of dummies: Manufacturers often fail to test how air bags would affect passengers of different statures.

Our nationwide practice has been protecting injured motorists for over two decades. With our entire practice devoted to vehicle safety defect product liability claims, we have the experience and resource to help individuals who have been seriously injured due to defective air bags.

Our lawyers have more than 60 combined years of litigation experience, and have helped many individuals and families pursue full and fair compensation in personal injury matters. By holding manufacturers accountable, we make sure they provide occupant protection.

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