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Ken Mingledorff wins not guilty verdict for client

“I just won (got a not guilty) on one of the biggest and most difficult criminal cases in Houston. Three years of preparation defending a man from the Caribbean who was poor, black and could barely speak English. I broke all the rules by putting him on the stand in a child abuse case where his stepdaughter testified against him.

I believed him. I was the only one. Until I convinced 13 other jurors to believe him also. We both cried when the jury foreman said not guilty.” – Ken Mingledorff

Houston Attorney Praises Mingledorff family and Mingledorff Law

Don’t ever believe you can’t have both brains and beauty because this mother and daughter dynamic duo blow that myth apart!! Judy, Ken, Marji, Teal and Tommy Mingledorff are truly the most amazing and beautiful people, and family, it has been my blessing and honor to know.

Ken Mingledorff and his beautiful and intelligent better half, Judy Mingledorff were both instrumental in my becoming an attorney. They not only helped me; but they also employed me as a law clerk, they treated me as a member of their family, they consoled me when times seemed unbearable, but more importantly, they both, inspired me to become a professional.
Throughout my career as an attorney, I have tried to emulate these two individuals and conduct myself accordingly. My love and respect for Ken and Judy is immeasurable.”

It’s Over Now, I Feel Like I Can Make It. The Storm Is Over Now. 

I would like to first and foremost thank god for allowing the truth to come forth. A special thanks to the best law office on this side of heaven, Mingledorff Law, they believed in me, fought for me and never gave up on me. Mrs. Mingledorff fought her a** off and for that, I’m forever grateful. Next, I would like to thank all my family and real, genuine friends for their unwavering support. (You know who you are.) My character has been defamed and my name has been subjected to much slander. But on today I stand in pure humbleness and awe of how great my god is!” We, the jury has found …, NOT GUILTY”!!!!! Now as hard as these past three years have been, I have no hatred toward anyone. I just pray that in due time all parties involved will be able to accept the verdict and move on. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!!!