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When A Bar Or Tavern Contributes To Your Injury

Were you concerned that a drunk driver caused an accident that seriously injured you or a loved one? You may be able to bring a lawsuit against a bar or a restaurant that served the driver in certain cases. If injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain the complex legal issues involved.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of motor vehicle accidents in the course of representing injury victims. We strive to support these victims with compassionate, custom-tailored legal representation as they pursue the damages they deserve under law.

We frequently represent injured drivers under Texas’ dram shop laws, helping them bring claims against drunk drivers and other parties who contribute to DUI accidents.

What Are ‘Dram Shop’ Laws?

In all states, people who drive under the influence of alcohol may be charged with drunk driving (DWI in Texas). This can come with a variety of criminal penalties, including fines, jail time and license suspension or revocation. These penalties are often more severe when the intoxicated person causes an accident that injures or kills another person.

However, in the state of Texas there are also laws that allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to pursue a civil claim against the bar, restaurant or other establishment that overserved the drunk driver or allowed the driver to leave the premises while intoxicated. These dram shop laws, as they are called, allow drunk driver liability for bars and restaurants while giving accident victims another way to seek relief for their injuries.

Questions About Dram Shop Liability? Our Houston Lawyers Can Help.

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