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What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident

If you are involved in an automobile accident, protect your claim by taking the following actions:

  1. Obtain other driver’s information: Get the name, address, phone number, license plate numbers and insurance information of the other driver.
  2. Obtain names of witnesses: Obtain the names of all witnesses, their addresses and phone numbers. Write down any comments made by the other driver or witnesses.
  3. Do not comment on the accident or admit fault.
  4. Contact your lawyer immediately! It is helpful if you keep our card or contact information in your car as well as in your wallet.
  5. Notify the police. Dial 911. Wait for a police officer to come to the scene. If at all possible, wait at the scene until a police officer arrives, unless immediate medical treatment is necessary and you are taken by ambulance to the hospital.
  6. Do not allow a wrecker to haul off your vehicle until he tells you the exact cost of towing and where he is going to take the vehicle. Obtain the name, address and telephone number of both the driver and the towing company.
  7. File an accident report: You are required to file an accident report with the state of Texas if an officer does not investigate the accident at the scene. Forms can be obtained from the Houston Police Department or your nearest Sheriff’s Office.
  8. Notify your insurance company. Keep your insurance agent’s name, telephone number and a copy of insurance verification in your glove compartment.
  9. Consult with a doctor immediately so that he or she can make a diagnosis of your injuries. It is absolutely imperative that you tell your doctor about each and every symptom of pain and discomfort you experience, including effects on your private and professional life, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, depression or other forms of mental distress. The doctor will write down only what you say, and these records may be important later.
  10. Do not give any information to the other driver: If you are contacted by the other driver or his or her insurance agent, do not sign anything, admit any fault or agree to have your statement recorded until you talk with a lawyer.

Yes, that’s a lot to remember, especially if you’re shaken up by the accident. If you are not up to these details, get a friend or family member involved.

We hope that you are not involved in an automobile accident or no one you know and love is forced to call us under emergency situations.

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