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Serious Injuries Occur When Motor Vehicles Come Into Contact

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, many people put off visiting an attorney because they believe they can get through it on their own, or because they are worried that their insurance rates will go up. However, this is a serious mistake that could compromise your physical health and financial security.

At Mingledorff Law, with offices in Houston, Texas, we help motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who have been injured in vehicle collisions. We are experienced and skilled trial lawyers acting as dedicated advocates for those who need our services.

Often insurance companies come in quickly with a settlement offer. Be cautious and get sound legal advice before signing anything. Often the full extent of an injury is not immediately known and you could agree to a settlement that does not cover all your costs or fails to account for your pain and suffering.

Types Of Cases We Handle

We represent people affected by a full range of motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Car/auto accidents – A car accident can make it difficult to get on with your life, bringing with it new expenses as well as health and transportation challenges. We can help if you have been involved in a collision, including hit-and-run accidents or those caused by texting and driving. We have had great success helping victims of collisions involving tire defects pursue fair compensation.
  • Trucking collisions – When a large truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the results can be devastating. We have secured many large jury verdicts and settlement awards for the victims of these accidents by thoroughly investigating their accidents and aggressively pursuing their interests.
  • Drunk driving accidents – We help those who have been injured in drunk driving accidents bring claims against impaired drivers or the businesses that served them.
  • Accidents involving boats and recreational vehicles – Another person’s negligence can turn a fun afternoon of recreation into a nightmare. Our clients include people who have been hurt in accidents involving boats, Jet Skis, ATVs and other recreational vehicles.

Click here to learn more about the critical first steps you should take after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Often, the immediate aftermath of a collision can set the tone for your entire case, and an experienced attorney can advise you of how to strengthen your case and maximize your chances of success.

Experience To Get The Best Possible Settlement

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys are prepared to help you seek the compensation to which you are entitled for your injuries. Please contact us online or call 713-832-6464 to learn more in a free initial consultation.

How We Can Help

Mingledorff Law has represented many, many citizens have received serious injuries and deaths in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most difficult cases to prosecute.

We have been able to obtain very nice settlements for our clients even though they were riding on motorcycles.

We have a full staff of experienced, capable legal assistants and lawyers to handle your claim. It is extremely important that we begin our investigation immediately so that we can contact the other party involved.

It is important to contact Mingledorff Law immediately after the accident at 713-832-6464.