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Woman charged with abuse, allegedly threw kittens from car

Jun 10, 2019 | Animal Cruelty Charges

When facing difficult circumstances, some people do not always know how to handle the situation in the best way. As a result, they may take drastic action thinking it will help them solve a problem only to make things harder for themselves. For instance, a person could face animal abuse charges if they attempt to get rid of animals in harmful ways.

It was recently reported that one woman in Texas was taken into custody on such charges. Apparently, a witness called police after allegedly seeing the woman throwing kittens from a moving vehicle. The witness stated that he or she tried to avoid hitting one of the kittens but was unable to do so. After obtaining information about the vehicle, officers conducted a traffic stop.

The driver of the vehicle, a 53-year-old woman, was taken into custody on charges for cruelty to non-livestock animals. At the time of the report, she was still in custody on a bond of $10,000. The report did not have information on how many kittens were potentially harmed in the incident or what became of those that survived.

While this Texas woman may have thought she was getting rid of a problem, she is now facing an even more serious one. Animal abuse charges are not to be taken lightly, and she undoubtedly understands the severity of the situation she faces. Of course, she can work to maintain her innocence as her case proceeds by creating and presenting a meaningful defense against the allegations that have been brought against her.