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Why you should see a doctor before going to work after a crash

Jun 9, 2022 | Personal Injury

After a car crash, you want to move on with your life as though nothing happened, but that can be a mistake. Ignoring the risk of serious injury might mean that your symptoms get worse and your treatment options decrease.

When you do eventually go to the doctor for diagnosis and care, the delay could also affect your legal rights. Seeing a doctor after a car crash can be a smart decision. Even if you have somewhere you need to be, if the vehicles suffered noteworthy damage, the other occupants suffered injuries or if the speed of the vehicles was relatively high, then obtaining a professional medical evaluation is likely in your best interests.

Severe injuries can take a while to produce symptoms

You will probably be able to self-diagnose if you have a broken bone after a car crash unless it is a stable, hairline fracture. You may not have the same look when evaluating yourself for internal injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can take days before there are symptoms, and that whole time the injury gets worse. Internal bleeding in the abdomen can cause fainting spells or even death if people wait until symptoms worsen before they get treatment. If there is any possibility that you hurt your torso or your head in the crash either through blunt force trauma or violent motions, then you need a doctor to check you out and rule out the possibility of severe injury. 

A doctor helps you get insurance coverage

Typically, you can expect the liability policy for the driver at fault for your crash to pay for your medical care and lost wages. However, most insurance companies will look for any excuse they can find to deny coverage to someone or reduce how much they pay on a claim.