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Why are car crashes going up if fewer cars are on the roads?

Jan 19, 2021 | Personal Injury

About nine months ago traffic dramatically decreased. As the world became aware of the spread of a dangerous virus, it began to close down. News of the pandemic spread, and stay-at-home orders caused businesses to shut their doors and people to stay at home. This, naturally, led to fewer cars on the roadways. As a result, you would think the data for car accidents would have plummeted.

You would be wrong.

A recent report by the New York Times notes that although the lockdown essentially halted life as we know it, the number of deadly car crashes continued to climb. Fatalities rose 76% in 2020 compared to 2019. Why? Researchers point to an increase in younger drivers, who had little else to do, hitting to road and partaking in risky behaviors like drag racing. Traffic violations have soared in recent months, with enforcement officers reporting issuing more speeding tickets during COVID-19 pandemic than ever before.

Another factor: an increase in drug and alcohol use to help ease the stress that came with the pandemic.

Although there are no easy answers to help stop this trend, there are ways to deter these poor choices. Those who are injured in these types of accidents can take action to discourage others from making the same mistakes by holding those who caused the crash accountable in court. A civil lawsuit for personal injury not only results in funds to cover the expenses of the crash but can also serve as warning for other drivers. It sends a clear message: make the same mistake, and you could end up in court.