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What happens after a hit-and-run crash in Texas?

Nov 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

Maybe you came out from the store to discover your vehicle smashed up in the parking lot. Perhaps you were only a few blocks from home when another driver crashed into you at an intersection and then sped away.

Not every driver in Texas will take the right steps after a crash. Some people, either due to panic or a snap judgment about their risk will try to flee the scene of the wreck to avoid responsibility for the collision. You may not know what to do when your vehicle is the only one left after a crash.

What happens following a hit-and-run collision in Texas?

You need to report the crash to the police

Just like with any other collision, a hit-and-run crash requires a report to local law enforcement authorities. Any information that you can provide about the appearance of the other vehicle involved could help the officers investigating your case locate the driver who crashed into you.

Witnesses, security camera footage and even more records could help police departments determine who may have played a role in your crash. They may also reach out to local car rental businesses and body shops to look for vehicles that may have damage correlated to the crash you experienced.

If the police find the other driver

Sometimes, police officers are able to find the other driver and can update the police report to include their information. When you know the identity of the driver who caused your crash, you may be able to file an insurance claim. In cases involving significant losses or an uninsured driver, you may also have grounds to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the other party.

If the police don’t locate the other driver

In a scenario where a hit-and-run crash caused major losses, some people may find it worthwhile to hire a professional investigator to look into the situation. They may be able to allocate more resources to your hit-and-run collision than the local police department would be willing to commit to the case.

If you are unable to identify the other party, then your only option may be to make a claim against your own insurance policy. Drivers with uninsured motorist protection or collision coverage can sometimes use their own insurance after a hit-and-run crash. Otherwise, you may find yourself without any compensation for the costs that resulted from the wreck.

Knowing what happens after a hit-and-run crash can help you take appropriate steps to protect yourself following a collision where the other driver doesn’t stay to make a police report.