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What evidence can help you prove fault after a car crash?

Apr 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

The person at fault for a car crash is the one whose insurance pays for injuries and property damage. If they don’t have enough insurance on their vehicle, the people affected by the collision could potentially take them to court. 

The sad truth is that those who cause collisions sometimes try to avoid responsibility for the wreck. If the other driver tries to blame you when they ran a red light or had their phone in their face at the time of the crash, how do you prove what really happened? 

Document the scene of the crash

Before you move your vehicles, you can take out your phone and capture photos and videos of the crash scene. That documentation could help if you need to have a professional reconstruction of the collision performed later. 

Get the contact information for witnesses

If there are people nearby at the time of the crash, they can make statements that could help you out later. Some witnesses will stay and wait to talk to the police. Others may give you their contact information because they cannot wait for law enforcement to arrive. Being able to locate witnesses can make all the difference when proving your claim in court. 

Check for camera footage

There are cameras in many places, ranging from dashboard cameras in vehicles to security cameras at businesses and traffic cameras at intersections. The footage they capture could show enough to convince the courts the other driver was at fault. 

Phone or data usage records

If you suspect phone use is a contributing factor for the crash, police or an attorney may be able to obtain phone records to corroborate your claims of digital distraction. Gathering evidence will help you seek compensation for a car crash caused by another driver.