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What are “the fatal 5” for drivers?

Jan 24, 2023 | Personal Injury

Crashing is an everyday risk for drivers. Yet, most crash deaths and injuries can be traced to a few particular causes.

Researchers named them “the fatal 5.” Understanding them can help you ensure you avoid doing them yourself.

1. Speeding

Speed limits exist for a good reason. Or rather, various reasons. The faster you travel, the harder it becomes to control the vehicle. So, you will sometimes find lower limits on tricky stretches of road, such as a sharp bend.

Speed also affects the potential for injury or death in a crash because the impact force is a factor of the speed times the mass of the vehicle. Increase the speed, and you increase the chance that someone dies or is severely injured.

2. Alcohol and illegal drugs

Drivers must stay alert in order to make good decisions and react quickly. Alcohol and drugs both reduce the ability to do this, thus increasing someone’s crash risks.t

3. Failure to wear a seat belt

While this will not cause a crash, it reduces the chance of surviving one or escaping with only minor injuries. Far too many drivers skip their belts when they’re making short trips.

4. Driver fatigue

If you have ever watched a loved one crashing around the kitchen, struggling to make themselves breakfast after a sleepless night, you will understand how tiredness might inhibit their ability to drive safely.

5. Driver distractions

There are many potential distractions inside and outside people’s vehicles. It’s up to drivers to ignore them and stay focused on the road.

Avoiding these actions yourself may not be enough to prevent a crash caused by a driver guilty of one or more of these errors. In that case, you will need legal help to claim compensation.