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Two individuals charged with murder in death of hotel clerk

Sep 6, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Whenever a crime has been committed, Texas law enforcement officers are vigilant in pursuing leads and identifying suspects. This process often involves interviewing witnesses and identifying persons of interest. Many times, these persons of interest are then sought after in order to further the investigation. This is especially true if it is a murder investigation.

Recently, a hotel front desk clerk was murdered. Law enforcement officers indicate that several persons of interest were identified as the result of their investigation and leads provided by the general public. Two arrests have been made in connection with this case, and one other individual is currently being tracked down.

As law enforcement officers begin to question potential witnesses and identify persons of interest, it may appear that these persons of interest are actually guilty of the crime. However, guilt can only be judged within a Texas court of law. It is possible that these persons of interest are merely witnesses to the crime or may have some knowledge of the crime that is important to the investigation.

In this case, two individuals have been arrested and charged with the murder of this hotel clerk. Each individual will want to work with an experienced defense team to ensure that their rights are protected. Additionally, this team will analyze the evidence that allegedly links the individual to the murder as well as how this evidence was collected. Murder charges carry with them significant consequences. As such, the individual will want to provide the best possible defense before the Texas judge.

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