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Texas woman facing charges for possession of cocaine, other drugs

Oct 26, 2017 | Drug Offenses

Each criminal legal case is different. Even if individuals face the same charges, the specific details of the cases could have substantial impact on how a person may feel he or she should proceed. When it comes to allegations for possession of cocaine or other drugs, determining the most viable paths for defense may be of interest to accused parties.

It was recently reported that police took one woman into custody on drug charges in Texas. Apparently, authorities had stopped the woman’s vehicle for a routine traffic violation, but it was not detailed what the exact violation was. During the stop, the woman allegedly stated that she had drugs and a weapon in the vehicle. As a result, police officers carried out a search of the vehicle.

Officers allegedly discovered marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and liquid PCP during the search. Additionally, they purportedly found a 9 mm handgun and multiple sets of brass knuckles in the woman’s purse and vehicle. Due to these outcomes, the woman is currently facing felony drug-related charges, including possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance, as well as weapons charges.

Any type of legal situation can leave individuals reeling. When the case relates to criminal charges for cocaine or other drug possession, the circumstances may seem especially dire. If parties in Texas who have been accused of such crimes feel overwhelmed by the predicaments they face, they may wish to consider seeking professional assistance from knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys who could act as advocates throughout the legal processes.

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