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Texas teens likely need criminal defense info after arrests

Apr 12, 2018 | Criminal Defense

In a single alleged criminal event, multiple people could face charges. However, each person accused may want to consider his or her case on an individual level. This means that, even though parties may face the same or similar charges, the manner in which each person chooses to address the allegations may differ. Depending on the circumstances, different criminal defense options may be available.

Five young individuals in Texas may be looking into the best ways to handle their predicaments after recently being arrested. Reports stated that each member of the group is a teenager, but their exact ages were not given. They are accused of having involvement in a shooting that took place at a game room. Allegedly, the five young men entered the gaming facility with handguns and a rifle, and began firing those weapons.

One person was shot in the leg and considered to be in serious condition. Other individuals were reportedly kicked or otherwise hit by the armed parties and had wallets and cash taken from them. The group reportedly left the scene before police arrived. Authorities asked for public assistance in identifying the individuals — who were mostly masked — but it was unclear what exactly led them to arrest the five teenagers now in custody.

Facing charges at a young age can considerably impact anyone’s life. The individuals accused in this Texas event may want to take matters seriously. In doing so, they and their parents may find it useful to gain information relating to the charges they face as well as their criminal defense options.

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