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Texas teenagers charged with murder of another teen

Aug 22, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Shots are fired and panic strikes fear in the hearts of those in the vicinity. Law enforcement officers arrive and begin to ask questions. Emergency personnel also arrive and begin to treat the injured. Fortunately, the average Texas resident never experiences a scenario such as this one where murder and injury prevail.

In one recent incident, a young man who just graduated from high school was shot and killed. The shooting occurred during the early morning hours at a local apartment complex. In the wake of this tragedy, two other teenagers have been arrested for his murder.

Details regarding the investigation have yet to be released. The only information provided so far is the age and identity of the two individuals suspected in his murder. However, one thing is certain – these two young men will be required to answer to these charges before a Texas judge. Although they each may be released on a $250,000 bond, they are both currently being held in their county jail.

Prior to such an appearance before the Texas court, each individual can benefit by working with experienced legal counsel. Details regarding the evidence that led to their arrest will need to be analyzed. Additionally, questions regarding how the evidence was collected will need be answered.

Although one is presumed innocent until proved guilty, many times it feels as if one who is charged with murder has already been found guilty. Experienced legal counsel can ensure that each individual’s rights are protected. Additionally, this team can guide the defendant through the legal process and assist in obtaining the best possible outcome.

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