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Texas police allege woman left dog; bring animal neglect charges

Jun 21, 2018 | Animal Cruelty Charges

There are many instances in which people may not know the best ways to handle a situation. As a result, they may choose to carry out an act that does not put them in the best light. Often, individuals who have a pet that they can no longer take care of may end up facing neglect charges if they do not take the proper steps to have the pet cared for.

One woman in Texas is currently facing such a predicament. Reports stated that she had allegedly tried to leave a sick dog by the side of the road when the driver of another vehicle stopped her. That driver told the woman to take the dog to an animal shelter while his girlfriend recorded the incident. The couple apparently tried to follow the woman to see that the animal was taken to the shelter, but they lost her in traffic.

They posted the video on social media, and after millions of views, the dog was located despite having allegedly been set out in another location. Authorities took the woman into custody, and she is currently facing charges for animal cruelty. The dog has since received treatment and has a pending adoption.

Animal neglect and cruelty is taken very seriously. As a result, this woman could face severe consequences if a Texas court convicts her of the allegations. Before a conviction could take place, however, the woman has the opportunity to present her side of the story, and the prosecution must prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Information on her criminal defense options could give her the chance to create a meaningful presentation for her information.