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Texas officers arrest 39 on drug trafficking charges

Aug 13, 2017 | Drug Offenses

Throughout Texas, neighbors tend to watch out for each other. When one goes out of town, a neighbor will often keep an eye on the house to make sure everything is okay. As a general practice, whenever neighbors see something suspicious happening, they will notify the local authorities. Many times, these tips lead to arrests for crimes such as drug trafficking. Other times, these tips have little to no foundation.

In recent history, residents of one community have expressed concern regarding possible drug related activity in their community. This concern apparently led to a seven-month investigation by a number of law enforcement agencies. In the end, a total of 39 individuals were arrested and approximately 11 pounds of what is believed to be methamphetamine was confiscated. Law enforcement officers claim that those arrested were primarily street-level and middle-level drug dealers.

Details regarding the evidence collected during the various raids that led to these arrests have not been made public. Furthermore, investigative methods used to collect data leading up to these events have yet to be reviewed. What is currently known is that 39 individuals are now facing drug trafficking charges before a Texas judge.

Prior to answering to these charges, each defendant can benefit from working with experienced legal counsel. Evidence specifically linking the individual to the drug trafficking charges will need to be analyzed. Additionally, how this evidence was collected will need to be reviewed. There are a number of other questions that will also need to be answered to make sure that the individual’s rights are protected and in order to prepare a strong defense to present in court.

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