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Texas man under investigation for animal abuse

Sep 17, 2019 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Many people have issues handling their anger and frustrations. Some individuals may lash out against inanimate objects, other people or even animals. When it comes to lashing out at animals, it is possible that a person letting his or her frustration out in a negative way could lead to animal abuse charges.

One man in Texas is currently under investigation for such abuse. A 19-year-old man was sitting in his vehicle when he allegedly saw another man pick up a dog and throw it to the ground. The man in the vehicle then started recording a video on his phone of the dog being kicked, slapped and otherwise hit by the other man. When confronted, the man with the dog said he was not doing anything, took the animal and left.

The man who recorded the video posted it on social media, and local police began looking into the incident. The report stated that the dog was located and in good health. At the time of the report, it did not appear that any criminal charges had come against the dog owner, but the man who recorded the video filed a police report, and authorities were investigating.

Though no charges for abuse have come against the man yet, he may still want to take his situation seriously. Even being the subject of a criminal investigation can have negative effects, and if charges do result, this Texas man will certainly want to be prepared. It may be in his best interests to begin looking into his legal options.