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Texas man facing murder charge after woman’s body found

Aug 12, 2019 | Violent Crimes

An accusation of a crime can easily turn a person’s life upside down. When that accusation is in relation to murder, the entire ordeal may seem unbelievable. However, criminal charges are very real, and anyone facing allegations would be wise to gain information on how to handle this type of serious predicament.

One man in Texas will undoubtedly want to make sure that he understands his defense options after recently being accused of murder. According to reports, the man was seen on surveillance video leaving his house in his girlfriend’s car. The woman’s daughter noticed the vehicle missing and questioned the boyfriend, who said they were going out of town. The daughter tried to get in touch with her mother but was unable to. Due to becoming concerned about her well-being, the daughter called police.

While waiting for the authorities, other family members came to the house, and the daughter and a cousin went inside. They noticed that a bathroom door was locked. After trying to force the door open, they saw the mother’s body, which showed signs of trauma. Authorities pronounced her dead at the scene. The woman’s 33-year-old boyfriend recently turned himself in to authorities, and he is currently facing a charge for first-degree murder.

A murder charge is one of the most severe allegations a person could face. This Texas man will certainly want to ensure that he understands his legal rights and options when it comes to dealing with this serious charge. It may benefit him to utilize local legal resources to gain information on his defense options.