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Texas man facing murder charge after officer dies

Mar 26, 2019 | Violent Crimes

One of the most serious allegations a person could face relates to homicide. Though homicide can refer to different events that involve the death of a person, murder is typically considered the most severe. This means that if a person faces this charge, he or she has a long road ahead.

One man in Texas is currently facing such a charge. Apparently, the allegation stems from an officer-involved shooting. The man was reportedly driving a vehicle when the officer pulled him over for an undisclosed reason. The officer then asked the man to get out of the car, which allegedly prompted the man to fire 15 gunshots at the officer, causing critical injuries. It was unclear what exact events occurred immediately after the shooting.

The man was taken custody and booked on a charge of attempted murder. However, the police officer succumbed to the injuries he suffered, and as a result, the man is now facing a capital murder charge. Though the man faced a serious case with the initial charge, his situation has gotten even more arduous.

An allegation of murder can make a person feel as if he or she has no way out of the situation, but that does not have to be the case. By thoroughly assessing the details of the case and exploring available criminal defense options, the man accused in this Texas event may find the path with which he feels most comfortable. He certainly will face a long and difficult legal journey, but he does not have to feel without hope.