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Texas man facing felony charges after alleged animal cruelty

Dec 20, 2017 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Misunderstandings, false accusations and numerous other factors could result in a person facing criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, the allegations could range in severity, but any type of accusation could have negative impacts on a person’s life. In particular, felony charges could have lasting effects on an individual, especially if a conviction takes place.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly hoping to avoid such an outcome after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man was accused in relation to an animal cruelty situation. Apparently, a dog kennel was set on fire while a dog was chained to the kennel. Authorities believe that the man used gasoline to set the fire. The incident resulted in the dog suffering burn injuries to various parts of its body.

Two individuals say that they saw the man in the yard of the home where the incident occurred. The owner of the home and the man reportedly got into a fight, and the homeowner restrained the man until police arrived. The man is currently facing charges for felony cruelty to non-livestock animals. It was unclear whether he was still in custody at the time of the report.

When dealing with felony charges, individuals in this type of situation often need reliable information on their legal options. The man accused in this Texas case may wish to obtain applicable information regarding the allegations, his criminal defense options and other aspects relating to his case. Utilizing local legal resources may allow him to ensure that the knowledge he gains is useful and beneficial to him. 

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