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Texas man facing criminal charges for attempted kidnapping

Apr 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Because there are at least two sides to every story, it is important that individuals who are accused of crimes get their chances to tell their sides. Fortunately, any time a person has criminal charges leveled against him or her, the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense exists. During legal proceedings, individuals could utilize various strategies in order to build a meaningful defense presentation.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly waiting for his chance to defend himself after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man allegedly attempted to kidnap a young girl before being pursued by another civilian. A woman was driving her daughter to school when they purportedly saw the man trying to pull a 17-year-old girl into his truck while the girl was attempting to get away.

The woman told the girl to get into their vehicle, and reports state that the man then tried to drive away. However, the woman followed the man at a high speed while her daughter called police. The man’s truck reportedly ended up in a ditch, and he was later taken into custody on charges of attempted kidnapping, DUI and aggravated assault.

The criminal charges brought against this man can come with steep penalties if convictions take place, but at this time, readers only have the alleged victim’s side of the story. As his criminal case moves forward, the man may want to give his own account of the situation and utilize other options for defending against the allegations. If he feels uncertain about what to expect from his case, he may wish to obtain applicable information from local Texas legal resources.

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