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Texas man facing charge for prescription drug possession

May 17, 2018 | Drug Offenses

Drug charges can have impacts that change people’s lives. In cases where convictions occur in relation to prescription drug possession, people could face years or even a lifetime in jail as well as substantial fines. Though these possible outcomes can seem frightening, individuals accused of such crimes can take steps to defend against charges in hopes of obtaining more positive results.

One man in Texas is undoubtedly feeling overwhelmed after recently having felony drug charges brought against him. Reports stated that the man was driving a vehicle when police stopped the car for an undisclosed traffic violation. The officer learned that the man had a suspended driver’s license and alleged gang affiliations. The officer then apparently asked to search the vehicle, and the man allegedly consented.

During the search, the officer allegedly discovered over a pound of promethazine with codeine and seven ounces of a prescription cough syrup. This search then led the trooper to take the man into custody on charges for felony prescription drug possession and possession of a dangerous drug. At the time of the report, the man was still being held in a county jail on a $56,000 bond.

In this type of situation, knowledge can be an immensely powerful tool. Therefore, the man accused of prescription drug possession in this Texas case may want to learn more about the allegations and other aspects of his case. In particular, becoming more knowledgeable on his criminal defense options may help him determine the legal strategies that he feels most comfortable utilizing.

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