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Texas man could face penalties if convicted of animal cruelty

Sep 28, 2017 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Even when an individual has good intentions, his or her actions could be viewed as negative by other parties. In some cases, those actions could have criminal implications, and a person could end up facing the potential for penalties after having charges brought against them. One man in Texas may be worrying about such outcomes after police charged him with animal cruelty.

A recent report and accompanying video indicated that a surveillance camera caught the man pulling over to the side of the road, opening the back door of his vehicle to allow a dog to get out, and then leaving the dog before driving away. The dog was later taken to an SPCA facility, and an investigation was opened. The dog has since been adopted.

The man reportedly stated that the dog had belonged to his sister and that she wanted to get rid of it because she could not control it. The man offered to help his sister, which purportedly led to the event captured on video. An arrest warrant was issued after the man provided a statement to the SPCA, and he later turned himself in. He is now facing one count of animal cruelty.

If convicted of the allegations brought against him, the man could face possible jail time and fines as penalties. He will certainly want to do his best to handle his criminal case as effectively as possible. Individuals facing similar circumstances may wish to consider speaking with knowledgeable Texas defense attorneys who could provide insight and continued guidance throughout the legal process involved with such allegations.

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