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Texas man charged with animal abuse after throwing cat in pool

Oct 8, 2019 | Animal Cruelty Charges

There are many times in life when people come to regret actions that they have taken. This feeling may come on rapidly if a person faces criminal charges due to those actions. In some cases, that regret may come if individuals take their frustrations out on animals and end up being accused of abuse.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody due to allegedly abusing a cat. Apparently, surveillance video from a pool at an apartment complex showed the man throwing a cat into the pool. The cat swam away, but the man reportedly took off his shoe and hit the cat with it as the feline tried to get out of the pool. The man then allegedly threw the cat into the pool again.

Employees at the apartment complex gave the video to the authorities, and they had already given the man three days to leave the premises due to participating in criminal activity. Authorities took the man into custody, and he is facing a charge for third-degree felony animal cruelty. It was noted that he had been released from custody on bond.

Felony charges can have more serious consequences than misdemeanors, and this Texas man may be wondering what his future will hold now that he is facing abuse charges. It can certainly be difficult to find the right path to take in such a scenario, and it may help this man to gain information on his legal options before making any major decisions. Reaching out for support during this time may also prove helpful.