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Texas jail cells filling up after major heroin bust

Aug 31, 2017 | Drug Offenses

At least 12 of the 40 people recently arrested in Texas were reportedly targeted by drug task force investigators. Authorities say they seized substantial amounts of heroin as well as other contraband in the investigation. Some of those arrested may face life in prison, if convicted.

Both state and federal authorities are involved in the situation. Investigators say they also found more than 14 kilos of methamphetamine, three guns and more than $180,000 in cash. Reportedly, multiple residences in the San Antonio area were searched.

The raid took place on a recent Wednesday morning. Some of those arrested are now facing serious charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Just as the charges brought against the defendants vary, so too are the outcomes of each case likely to be different as well. Choosing the appropriate defense strategy is often key to achieving favorable results in court.

One can only imagine what it would be like to be eating breakfast or reading a morning newspaper only to have police banging on the door, prepared to search the premises. People facing heroin charges or any other criminal allegation have certain guaranteed rights. In fact, experienced Texas defense attorneys know how to recognize situations where there may be grounds to challenge certain evidence in court if personal rights of defendants were violated during the search and seizure process, which might occur if law enforcement agents do not adhere to proper procedures when entering a residence, or at any time during the arrest and booking process. When it comes to choosing an attorney, the more experience a particular legal team has, the better.

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