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Texas boating accident leaves victims “dangling” over edge of a dam

Jul 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

Water sports provide a great way to get outside, relax and enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones. Whether kayaking and getting some exercise, doing tricks on a jet ski, or relaxing on a pontoon boat, time spent on the water is often time well spent. But what happens if something goes wrong? Unfortunately for one group of friends, a dangerous accident could have made a day on the water into a day of regret.

The accident happened in Austin, Texas and involved a boat that got stuck on the top of a dam. The current was too much for the boat to overcome. It was a relatively small boat and did not have the horsepower to get to a safer area. Emergency responders were able to rescue the boaters.

What happens if a boating accident leads to injuries?  

If another’s negligent actions causes a boating accident, victims can hold that person responsible for the bills that result from the injury. This could include the operator of the boat the victim was in at the time of the accident or of another boat if the accident involved a collision.

This extends beyond motor and sail boats. This type of liability is available for those who are injured in jet ski, kayak, stand up paddle board, canoe, inflatable and pontoon accidents as well. In addition to the boat operator, liability can also extend to the owner of the vessel, the manufacturer, a rental company, or other passengers if they acted in a negligent manner that contributed to the accident.