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Prescription drug possession allegedly part of Texas traffic stop

Feb 21, 2018 | Drug Offenses

Individuals can often face complications when trying to address criminal charges. Each person’s case is different, and when dealing with charges for prescription drug possession or other alleged offenses, knowledge can be a powerful tool. Of course, many individuals may not feel confident in their legal knowledge and feel as if they are at a disadvantage.

One man in Texas may soon be looking for ways to bolster his knowledge regarding his legal options after recently having charges brought against him. Reports stated that the man was driving a vehicle when he was stopped by a police officer for an undisclosed reason. The officer reportedly asked the man to get out of the car and tried to have the driver perform field sobriety tests, but the man purportedly declined to do so.

Another officer stopped to assist the first deputy, and after the man chose not to adhere to the officer’s requests, he was taken into custody on charges of DWI. The officers searched the vehicle and allegedly found marijuana and prescription drugs. As a result, he is also facing various possession charges.

Prescription drug possession charges and other related allegations could cause the man to face substantial challenges. In a best case scenario, he could find a defense path that would help him work toward maintaining his innocence against the accusations and allow him to avoid undue punishment. In hopes of achieving this outcome, the man may wish to gain reliable legal information from local Texas resources that could help him better understand his options. 

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