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Murder charge results after human bones found among cow bones

Jul 22, 2019 | Violent Crimes

When a person is accused of taking another person’s life, that individual faces one of the most serious legal predicaments possible. Allegations of murder can result in lengthy legal trials, the possibility of severe consequences and various other types of detriment. As a result, a person accused of such a crime has a long road ahead when it comes to handling the charges.

According to reports, a murder charge was recently brought against a Texas man in connection with his wife’s death. Apparently, the woman had gone missing earlier this year, and authorities questioned the man and took him into custody soon after her disappearance. At that time, the man was charged with evidence tampering, and authorities claimed that he did not want to help search for his wife and that he did not seem concerned about her disappearance.

The murder charge resulted after a man looking for cow bones discovered a human skull among the cow bones. Authorities believe that the skull and other remains belong to the missing woman and that bones of a dead cow and wood had been placed on the woman’s body and then set on fire. The husband was out on bond relating to the tampering charge when officers took him into custody on a charge of murder.

Though this Texas man was already facing criminal charges, his situation has become more complicated due to the murder allegation. It may prove difficult for him to understand exactly how to handle the charges. Fortunately, he does have the opportunity to gain information and assistance throughout his case.