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Murder charge results after authorities find deceased woman

Oct 14, 2019 | Violent Crimes

When a person dies, if the circumstances seem suspicious, authorities typically conduct an investigation. In some cases, authorities may believe that a charge for murder applies. If so, a person accused of such a crime may have a challenging time ahead as he or she works to defend against formal accusations.

One man in Texas may be looking into his defense options after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, authorities conducted a welfare check at a residence after a neighbor had indicated that the woman living in the home did not answer her door. An additional cause for concern was the fact that the woman’s dog was reportedly dead on her porch. Authorities found the 73-year-old woman deceased in her home, but details were not provided regarding her cause of death.

The man taken into custody was reported as being a roommate of the woman. He was reported as being 27 years old. Information regarding why he was considered a suspect, other than his connection with the woman, was not given. At the time of the report, the man was still in custody and charges for murder were pending.

Having such a significant allegation brought against him undoubtedly has this young man feeling overwhelmed. Undoubtedly, he will want to defend against the murder charge, but he may not feel confident in knowing how to do so. Luckily, he can utilize local Texas legal resources to gain information on his available criminal defense options and what steps he can take to effectively address his case.