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Murder charge brought against Texas woman after child’s death

Jan 4, 2018 | Violent Crimes

It is not unusual for people to feel a sense of disconnect when they find themselves in a seemingly unbelievable situation. They may deny that the incident has occurred and go through many stages of coming to terms with the circumstances they now face. For some individuals, this type of predicament could come with serious criminal charges, such as those for murder.

One woman in Texas may be questioning how she ended up in such a difficult place after being taken into custody. Reports stated that the situation began with a call to police about a domestic disturbance, but later, authorities began looking for the woman after a 7-year-old boy was taken to an area hospital with a gunshot wound, which he did not survive. Apparently, the disturbance call was in relation to the woman allegedly attempting to shoot her boyfriend, but according to family members, she purportedly accidentally hit the child instead.

Authorities located the woman, and she reportedly attempted to evade officers in her vehicle. However, she was eventually detained as was her boyfriend, who was also in the vehicle. It was noted that the man was the child’s father, but the woman was not his mother. The woman was taken into custody on charges of capital murder and other allegations.

Though the woman undoubtedly never meant to harm the child, she still must contend with the serious allegations brought against her. Murder charges are immensely complicated to address, and the woman will undoubtedly want to determine what legal options may help her feel most comfortable in dealing with the allegations. Local Texas legal resources may be able to help her learn more on possible defense avenues.

Source: CBS DFW, “7-Year-Old Shot In Greenville, McKinney PD Arrest Woman For Murder“, Dec. 28, 2017