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Mistakes to avoid when charged with DUI in Texas

Jul 25, 2022 | DWI

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is illegal in Texas just as it is in all the other states. A DWI conviction can result in serious legal and collateral consequences. As such, if you are charged with drunk driving, it is in your best interest that you figure out how to defend yourself.

Part of defending yourself against a Texas DWI charge involves knowing what to do and mistakes to avoid as soon you as learn about a potential DWI charge. Here are two costly mistakes you need to steer clear of when facing drunk driving charges in the Lone Star state.

Talking too much

When law enforcement stops you for a DWI investigation, they might ask questions like, “Have you been out drinking?” or, “How many drinks have you had?” While these may seem trivial and inconsequential, they really aren’t. Trying to talk yourself out of a potential DWI charge will simply not work. Admitting that you have just had one drink, or that you just had a glass of wine over dinner actually amounts to an admission of guilt. And the police will certainly capture this in your arrest report and use it against you in court. If the police ask these questions, you are better off telling them that you would rather not answer such questions in the absence of your legal counsel.

Resisting arrest

Resisting a lawful arrest under any circumstance will only compound your problems. Besides the DWI charge, this might lead to additional charges, and with it additional punishment. If you feel your rights were violated, or the police made certain mistakes during your arrest, take the matter up with your legal counsel.

If you are charged with drunk driving in Texas, you need to understand your rights and obligations under the law. Knowing your legal options can help you effectively protect your rights and defend yourself should the matter go to trial.