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Meaningful defense may help Texas man avoid criminal penalties

Nov 21, 2017 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Each criminal case has its own unique details and challenges. Because of this fact, anytime a person is charged with a crime, he or she may have different options available when it comes to creating and presenting a criminal defense and for other ways to address the legal situation. Most individuals want to avoid having to deal with penalties that could come with a conviction, and this desire often leads them to seek more information on their possible defense routes.

One man in Texas may want to learn more about his particular situation after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was arrested after allegedly stabbing a neighbor’s dog to death. The dog’s owner said that the man had left a note on her door informing her to keep the dog away from the man’s fence, which may have played a role in his becoming a suspect for the incident.

The man is currently facing charges for animal cruelty. It was noted that he is also a suspect in another similar incident in which another neighbor’s dog was killed. However, he has not been charged in relation to that event. It was also mentioned that the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team is working on the case and have had contact with the man the past.

Animal cruelty charges can come with serious penalties if a conviction occurs. Because the Texas man purportedly involved in this incident may have mental health issues, that information could potentially play a role in his criminal defense. Nonetheless, he will certainly want to explore his options to determine which routes he may feel most comfortable utilizing.

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