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Man facing murder charge after shooting at apartment complex

Jun 26, 2020 | Violent Crimes

Arguments and bad blood between people can often lead to an intense dislike. In some cases, individuals who do not get along may simply avoid one another, but in other instances, parties may feel that they need to confront another person about an issue. Unfortunately, acting rashly could lead to a person facing murder charges.

Recent reports indicated that a 22-year-old man in Texas was taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of another man. Apparently, the 22-year-old had gone to an apartment complex to confront another individual for an undisclosed reason. The man reportedly did not know what the other man looked like other than having dreadlocks. However, a witness did state that the two parties previously had arguments over the phone.

Witnesses allegedly saw the man arrive at the apartment complex, but the report did not mention whether anyone witnessed the shooting. One person heard gunshots and found the victim — who was apparently not the intended target — in the parking lot. Authorities came to the scene, but the victim was already dead. The suspect was no longer at the complex, but authorities stopped a vehicle fitting the description of the one at the complex and found a rifle inside. The man stated that he had gone to the complex but did not have involvement in the victim’s death.

Nonetheless, this Texas man was taken into custody and is now facing a charge for murder. This situation is one that could lead to severe consequences for the man if he is convicted. Fortunately, his case is not yet decided, and he can take the time to create and present a defense to the allegations if he wishes to do so.