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Man disputes evidence used for drug trafficking arrest

May 1, 2019 | Drug Offenses

Facing criminal charges is an extremely disconcerting experience. Defendants in Texas often feel worried about their future and how to best handle their criminal allegations so that any potential consequences are minimized. For some, clearing their names after a wrongful arrest is also at the top of the list. A man accused of drug trafficking insists that his arrest was all a case of a mistaken identity.

In 2018 police were carrying out an investigation into suspected drug trafficking involving heroin. During the investigation they identified a phone number that was allegedly used by someone to organize the sale and purchase of heroin. Police say the phone number belonged to a Texas man, whom they subsequently arrested.

However, the man maintains that he had nothing to do with any type of drug trafficking. He pointed out that the telephone number police say belongs to him is actually assigned to a business. He never worked for the business or used the phone number in question, either. He alerted authorities to the mix-up in Dec. 2018, but he is still facing criminal charges. The pending felony drug charge has made it impossible for him to find work, further complicating his situation.

Police are often thought of as infallible, and while they perform essential services they are still only human. When Texas police make mistakes in arresting or charging individuals with drug trafficking, it is important that this problem be addressed in as timely a manner as impossible. Unfortunately, the responsibility of notifying officials of the problem and pressing the issue often lies with the defendant. While this might feel overwhelming, speaking with an attorney might give some people the confidence to move forward with the matter.