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Man charged with trafficking $300,000 worth of cocaine

Sep 12, 2017 | Drug Offenses

Every day, thousands of people travel up and down Texas highways. For the most part, these individuals are law-abiding citizens who are on their way to work, home or some other typical destination. Unfortunately, there are also the few individuals who utilize Texas highways as a way to transport drugs such as cocaine. For this reason, Texas law enforcement remains alert for signs of such activity.

Recently, law enforcement officers became suspicious of a 38-year-old male who was traveling between Houston and Austin. During a month-long investigation, officers determined that drugs were being brought into Houston and then transported to Austin. Their investigation led them to believe that this particular individual was a central figure in the distribution network and would be the one to transport the drugs.

According to law enforcement, they followed the man in question as he entered a convenience store in route to Austin. Upon his arrest, his vehicle was searched. Officers claim that this search netted a find of approximately $300,000 worth of cocaine. Reports indicate that the drugs were found sealed in tape and aluminum foil inside a suitcase.

This individual has been arrested and charged with transporting cocaine, and he will now be required to answer to these charges before a judge in a Texas court. When one is charged with a crime such as drug trafficking, it is important to present the best possible defense. An experienced defense team can analyze the evidence and procedures used as well as ensure that the individual’s rights are protected throughout the process.

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