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Man charged with felony animal abuse in Texas

Jul 17, 2018 | Animal Cruelty Charges

When dealing with any part of the criminal justice system, it can be an intimidating experience. No matter the charges, individuals have the right to understand their legal predicaments, and there are many legal resources available that could help individuals facing animal abuse charges or other allegations. This information can often make a difference in the outcomes of cases.

One man in Texas will certainly want to make sure that he understands the predicament he currently faces. Reports stated that authorities were called to a shopping center after an employee allegedly saw the man hitting and stomping on something behind a dumpster. Whatever the man was purportedly hitting could not be seen on the video. However, authorities allegedly found a dead puppy inside the dumpster. 

As a result of the discovery, the man, who was still at the location when police arrived, was taken into custody. He is currently facing felony charges for animal cruelty. He was taken to jail after the arrest, but it was unclear whether he was still in custody at the time of the report. More information on the situation may become available at a later time.

Felony charges can come with more severe punishments in the event of a conviction than misdemeanor allegations. The man involved in this Texas case will undoubtedly want to make sure he works toward the best outcome possible when working to defend against the animal abuse charges brought against him. Reviewing information regarding the charges, his legal defense options and other related facts may help him as he makes important decisions moving forward.