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Man charged in Texas after police seize cocaine

Feb 11, 2019 | Drug Offenses

Understanding one’s rights can act as a central focus of any criminal defense. If a person had his or her rights violated during a police investigation, that fact could turn a case more in a defendant’s favor. Still, violations do not always occur, and it is wise for individuals charged with serious crimes, like those involving cocaine, to understand the various defense options available to them.

One man from another state may soon be looking to make sure he understands his rights and legal options after being arrested in Texas. Reports indicated that the man was driving a vehicle when police officers stopped him for an undisclosed reason. During the stop, the officers apparently wanted to search the vehicle, and the driver allegedly consented to the search.

The officers reportedly found marijuana during the search and also believed that part of the vehicle had been altered to have a concealed compartment. The officers investigated further and allegedly found two compartments that both contained cocaine. The situation resulted in authorities seizing 48 pounds of cocaine, and the man is currently facing a first degree felony charge for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance greater than 400 grams.

Drug crimes involving cocaine are taken seriously by authorities, and the man accused in this case will certainly want to make sure that he also addresses the allegations against him in a serious manner. He may be unclear about Texas laws regarding such offenses as well as other aspects of his case. Fortunately, he can take the time to gain more information on his predicament and how he may be able to handle it.