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Man arrested for abuse after throwing mother’s dog, killing it

Nov 21, 2019 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Many people are not adept at handling their emotions well. They may have angry outbursts that cause them to carry out actions that they would not have if they were able to keep their emotions under control. Unfortunately, such an outburst that involves harm to an animal could lead to abuse charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas is facing such charges after an incident at his mother’s home. Apparently, the man had been living with his parents on and off for the last few years, and recently, he asked his mother if he could bring a woman home to have intimate relations. The mother refused to allow the woman to come over. This refusal angered the man, and as a result, he picked up his mother’s dog and threw it.

The dog landed 18 feet away, and due to the violent nature of the throw, its heart burst. The man left the scene, and others took the dog to the veterinarian’s office. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done to save the dog. The man later returned home where police were waiting, and he was taken into custody. At the time of the report, he had been released on a $5,000 bond.

The man may regret letting his emotions get the better of him. Still, he now must contend with the criminal charges for animal abuse that he faces. It can be difficult to find the best courses of action for such an ordeal, but he may find it helpful to gain information from local Texas legal resources regarding his legal options.