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Jared Padalecki facing assault charges in Texas

Nov 4, 2019 | Violent Crimes

Having a bad day or a bad week can often culminate in a sudden negative event. Unfortunately for some, when the situation becomes too much, they may lash out at others. If individuals end up in physical altercations with other people, they could end up facing criminal charges for assault.

It was recently reported that actor Jared Padalecki was taken into custody in Texas after an altercation at a bar. The “Supernatural” star reportedly owns the bar where the alleged event occurred, and while there, he apparently became intoxicated and began fighting with other patrons. Employees of the bar took him outside, but Padalecki reportedly struck the assistant manager and punched the general manager, who was trying to separate the two.

Authorities were called to the scene, and the actor was taken into custody. He is currently facing two counts of misdemeanor assault with injury. At the time of the report, representatives for him did not provide any comment. Jail records show that Padalecki was released from custody, but it was not mentioned whether he posted bail or what that bail amount may have been.

In some cases, people may act out of character because they have had too much to drink or are trying to deal with personal issues. Unfortunately, acting out of character can still lead to criminal charges if a person ends up in a physical altercation. Anyone charged with assault or other violent crimes in Texas will certainly want to make sure to gain information on applicable criminal defense options for addressing allegations.