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Is it illegal to drink and drive a golf cart in Texas?

Apr 2, 2020 | Firm News

Golf carts offer a means of transportation in many settings. In addition to getting around golf courses, these types of vehicles also provide a way to get around large, spread-out communities. These devices can offer a more efficient alternative to passenger vehicles while allowing those within the cart to enjoy the outdoors and a more relaxing means to get from one location to another.

Some may question how state laws apply to use of these vehicles. Are they the same as passenger cars, or are golf carts treated differently? The rules will vary depending on the state. The following information focuses specifically on how the law applies to use of golf carts in Texas.

Golf carts in Texas: Are the laws the same as those used for passenger vehicles?

Essentially, Texas state law allows most laws that govern automobiles to apply to golf carts. This means a golf cart driver could also face allegations of reckless driving and other criminal violations. As a result, those who face accusations from an enforcement officer of violating state law while operating a golf cart are wise to take the accusations seriously.

DWI in a golf cart: How serious are the penalties?

Serious penalties can apply. These penalties can include up to one-year imprisonment and a six-month to one-year license suspension for the first driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense. A second offense comes with more severe penalties that can include mandatory imprisonment.

Those who face these allegations should know defenses to the charges are available. Mingledorff Law Firm can review the allegations and discuss possible legal strategies to help mitigate the risk of criminal penalties.