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How much will it cost to get a personal injury attorney?

Sep 25, 2020 | Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys generally charge in one of two ways: hourly or with a contingency fee. An hourly fee arrangement is pretty straight forward, with the attorney generally charging in 15-minute increments for work done related to your case. A contingency fee arrangement is different and generally results in payment to the attorney based on a set percentage of the compensation or settlement that you would win from a successful case.

One key difference between these two types of payment structures: you would pay an hourly rate regardless of the outcome of the case while an attorney paid through a contingency fee only gets paid if you win or settle your case.

Are there any other costs during a personal injury case?

You may also need to pay court costs and fees if your case requires an expert witness. You may need an expert witness for a med mal claims or other accident case. These witnesses help explain to the court what went wrong to cause the accident and why the other party is responsible for the injury.

Other expenses could include fees if charged to get copies of police reports or medical records.

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

This legal professional can help to manage the paperwork that comes with a personal injury claim. They generally deal with the insurance company and the courts, fighting for your best interest throughout the process. Since you have this professional fighting on your behalf, you and your loved ones can focus on getting healthy and moving on with your lives.