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How much should I ask for if injured in a car crash?

Jun 16, 2021 | Injuries

If injured in a car crash, the insurance company will likely try to settle the claim. They may offer what seems like a reasonable amount, but is it? Will it really cover all the costs that come with the accident?

It is important to take a number of things into consideration before you accept the offer. You likely know that you can ask for funds to cover medical expenses resulting from the crash. But how much will the medical expenses cost?

The amount may be surprising. Let’s take a brain injury as an example. A publication in the journal Neurology tries to dive into the true expense of a brain injury. The study reviewed moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) resulting from falls, motor vehicle accidents, assault, and recreational vehicle accidents. According to the researchers who published the piece, the average hospital stay was just over two weeks. The average expense, including the cost of emergency medical treatment and transportation, was $162,523. The researchers pointed out that this cost went up if the patient was injured by a motor vehicle accident as opposed to a fall. It is also important to note that this estimate does not include the expense of additional treatment after release from the hospital, physical therapy, or the cost of medications not to mention treatment for any other injuries that may have resulted from the crash.

This is just one part of the equation. Other expenses can include lost wages due to missed work and pain and suffering.

The exact amount will vary depending on the details of the accident and injuries, but the above provides a good starting point. You can also increase the odds that you get a fair settlement by seeking professional help. You do not have to go through this alone. You can delegate a professional to take the lead on these negotiations and advocate for your interests so you can focus on getting better and moving on with your life.