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Has your hearing been damaged after a crash? 

Aug 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Each of our senses plays a vital role in our day-to-day activities, and this includes our hearing. Listening to music, watching movies and communicating with our loved ones all involve the hearing process. 

Unfortunately, many of the components involved in our auditory senses are sensitive and cannot withstand much trauma. A road traffic collision has the potential to do serious damage to your hearing, and here’s how. 

The noise of the crash 

There’s a limit to the number of decibels that the ears can withstand. When two cars collide, a tremendous amount of force can be created. It’s essentially an explosion. A high-speed impact could damage the bones of the inner ear and even burst the ear drum

If you have a modern car, then it most likely has airbags installed. These rely on a chemical reaction to deploy, and a tremendous amount of air pressure can be generated, which can damage the inner ear. Injuries like this are very painful and in more serious cases, your auditory senses could be permanently impaired. 

Head trauma 

The most serious type of injury that can be suffered during a crash is head trauma. The brain is the control center for all of the senses, including hearing. If the left side of the brain suffers damage in a wreck, then a person’s hearing could be severely impaired. 

While being safety conscious can help to keep you safe on the roads, there are no guarantees. A negligent driver could cause an accident that injures you severely. Should this happen, it’s best that you seek some legal guidance and explore your options in terms of pursuing compensation.