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Felony charges brought against man after animal abuse video

Feb 19, 2020 | Animal Cruelty Charges

People’s actions can follow them for a long time. In some cases, they could leave permanent marks on their records, especially their criminal records. If someone carries out an illegal act on a whim or other notion, they may not fully consider the ramifications that act can have until they are facing felony charges.

It was recently reported that one man in Texas was taken into custody after a reported incident of animal abuse. Allegedly, the 21-year-old man posted a video to social media showing him hanging a puppy from a tree by its neck. It was unclear how authorities found the video, but they located the man and took him into custody. The report did not indicate whether the animal survived the incident.

The suspect allegedly told police that he did hang the dog and that he did so because he was bored. Additional information regarding the incident was not provided in the report. The man is now facing a criminal charge for torturing a non-livestock animal, which is a third-degree felony. If convicted, the man could face two to 10 years in prison. It was not mentioned whether he was still in custody at the time of the report.

Undoubtedly, this young man would prefer to avoid the serious consequences a conviction for felony charges could bring. As a result, working on his criminal defense may be a top priority for him at this time. In efforts to create a meaningful defense presentation, he may want to gain information and assistance from local Texas legal resources that could help him address his serious predicament.