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Drug trafficking charges require best defense possible

Jun 29, 2020 | Drug Offenses

The label says one thing, but what is actually in the package? Every day, individuals purchase offer packages for sale. Sometimes these are items that an individual produced; sometimes the item being sold was originally purchased from a third party. But, what if the contents of the package do not match what is on the label and the package actually contains an illegal substance? In this case, it is possible that the Texas resident could be charged with drug trafficking.

Recently, a Texas convenience store owner pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Apparently, there were packages in his stores labeled as aroma therapy. However, the packages actually contained synthetic cannabinoids. In addition to carrying these items in his stores, the store owner also admitted to selling these packages to other convenience stores.

Exactly what led law enforcement officers to discover the packages and determine their contents is unknown. Drug trafficking charges carry substantial penalties including fines and jail time. In this particular case, the convenience store owner will spend more than 12 years behind bars. Five other individuals were also convicted and sentenced as a part of this operation.

When it comes to fighting serious charges, an accused individual will want experienced legal counsel fighting for his for her rights. The evidence will need to be thoroughly examined along with the process and procedures used for collecting such evidence. Additionally, there may be questions regarding how the individual was actually involved in the alleged drug trafficking operation. The Texas legal system takes an aggressive stance against drug trafficking; those charged will want to present the best defense possible.