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Driver charged with drug crimes after meth allegedly uncovered

Dec 12, 2019 | Drug Offenses

Many events can cause a person’s life to change dramatically, and facing criminal charges is one of them. Though some allegations are less severe than others, individuals who are accused of drug crimes can face serious potential consequences. Of course, in order for those consequences to apply, an accused person must first be convicted of the allegations.

One man in Texas certainly wants to do his best to avoid a conviction after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was driving a vehicle when an officer pulled him over for speeding and following too closely. During the stop, the officer allegedly smelled marijuana and conducted a search of the car. The officer reportedly found a cardboard box that contained multiple wrapped bundles.

It was later determined that that bundles contained methamphetamine and weighed approximately 27.5 pounds. As a result, the driver was taken into custody and is currently facing charges for possession with intent to distribute. It was noted that there was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the stop, but the driver stated that the passenger did not know about the drugs. As a result, the passenger was released.

The details of a specific arrest can play a major part in how a person approaches his or her criminal case. The man accused in this incident will certainly want to go over the event to determine how he can best combat the allegations for drug crimes that he now faces. It may allow him to feel more confident as his case proceeds to gain information from local Texas legal resources.