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Damages to personal property inside of vehicle

Apr 16, 2020 | Criminal law

Damages to personal property inside of vehicle, including cellphones and jewelry, are recoverable in a car accident!

Many people involved in an auto accident are curious if damage to their own property is recoverable. The answer is yes! You can recover the amounts of damage to personal property as part of settlement of a claim.

Like anything in law, there must be proof of your claim. This means that if your property inside your vehicle was damaged, it is your burden as claimant to prove that the accident caused the damage, and the value of the property damaged. You will want a lawyer to handle both of these issues, causation and valuation.

Proving causation, or that the accident caused the damage to property you claim, can be difficult. Items such as pieces of jewelry that may have gone missing in serious accidents will be difficult to prove if you cannot produce the item. Sometimes, especially in serious accidents, the property damaged might be obviously destroyed and captured in scene photos.

The value of your property damaged can vary. A cell phone that may have been destroyed is easy to find the value, however, some items may be priceless. Irreplaceable items will hold the most value. A good example is a pet injured the vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes pets are seriously injured in accidents but are only treated as property. Other property difficult to estimate value includes heirlooms, photos, or irreplaceable personal items.

If you think about it, it makes sense that the value of these properties should be recovered. If it weren’t for someone being negligent, you would still have what was damaged. Unfortunately, the insurance company is going to fight you! It will take a good lawyer to argue the causation and value of what was lost; otherwise, you could lose it forever.

Once prove, recovery for property is often disbursed well before any recovery for personal injury. This means that if you hire a lawyer who stays on top of the situation, such as Mingledorff Law Firm, you can get your check you’re your property sooner than you would expect. Pretty quick really.

Ring Mingledorff Law Firm to have a full consultation of what was lost, and we can start your plan to get you what you deserve! Do not let insurance companies tell you no! We do not ask them to pay you back, we tell them.

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