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Criminal charges for theft brought against couple in Texas

Jan 11, 2018 | Criminal Defense

When faced with challenges in life, many people may not always make the best decisions for their circumstances. Some of those choices may be made out of desperation, but they can still result in individuals facing even more difficult predicaments. In come cases, parties may even end up having criminal charges brought against them for their alleged actions.

One couple in Texas are currently facing such issues after being accused of stealing from a church. The pair and their children had reportedly been staying at the church after suffering from Hurricane Harvey. As Christmas approached, the family purportedly left the church, and soon after, church members allegedly discovered that the sound system, tools and other items equating to thousands of dollars were missing. As a result, police began looking for the couple.

The man was apparently located at a Walmart, and he purportedly had property from the church in his vehicle. As a result, the man and woman were both taken into custody. The man was charged with theft over $2,500. It was unclear what specific charges may have been brought against the woman.

In order to deal with the criminal charges that have been leveled against them, the man and woman may wish to gain more information on their legal options. With the proper and applicable knowledge, they may have the ability to create and present meaningful defense presentations that could allow them to work toward the outcomes they desire. Utilizing local Texas legal resources could help them in this endeavor if they wish to follow this route.

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